Service You Can Trust

We at Economy know that service is the most important part of this business. Providing good service to the customer in all phases of the job is as important as the actual service of the equipment.

We carefully choose our technicians to provide you with the most courteous and knowledgeable staff possible. 'We are committed to giving you the best service possible and will place the most qualified and most experienced technicians on the job" says Robert Nyberg, our CEO.

Each of our 16 technicians has a specific area, in which they are most familiar, yet they also have a broad knowledge of all the systems that we service. The two-way radios that are carried by each technician, are valuable tools for our service team. The technicians assist each other at a moment's notice if they should come upon a unique or difficult problem. This dedication to team work has given us a very competitive edge in the service industry.

The technology in the equipment and controls for our industry is expanding at a rapid rate. To keep up with these changes, our technicians attend training schools provided by the manufacturers as well as in house training sessions. This continued training provides our service team with the latest information in systems and troubleshooting technique to be able to solve the most demanding of problems.

The service team provides scheduled preventative maintenance services for all types of mechanical equipment. Our services range from a comprehensive program to a total maintenance program. The total maintenance program allows for all scheduled maintenance as well as emergency service to include labor and material. A total maintenance program can be very attractive if you are faced with a strict budget. Each preventative maintenance contract is customized to meet the customer's specific needs. We provide digital pictures of the equipment to show its condition or provide a detailed image of a problem that the owner would not be able to view under most circumstances. Taking pictures can be a valuable tool for onsite maintenance personnel and property managers. Our maintenance services provide checklists for all items serviced on each visit.

In addition to scheduled maintenance services, we provide 24 hour per day emergency service as required. We service all types of mechanical equipment from split systems to large central plant applications. We also provide service on boilers, reciprocating chillers, rotary screw chillers, centrifugal chillers; centrifugal and vane axial fans; commercial refrigeration systems; pneumatic, electric and digital control systems.

The advancement in technology has provided the opportunity to incorporate our controls division with the service team. We use the systems knowledge of our service team to assist in the design of a control system to best suit the needs of the property. This helps us to provide a system that operates the equipment efficiently, which assists in energy savings, while at the same time providing a more comfortable environment for the building occupants.

Knowledge of complete systems allows our team to solve building problems that may have been ongoing for several years. The mechanical equipment is just one part of a complete building heating/air conditioning system. There are many cases where the entire system needs to be addressed instead of just one piece of equipment.

The wide range of technical knowledge of our service team allows you to make one call to provide for your air conditioning, heating or control system needs. We look forward to assisting you with your service needs.