Design Build

 At Economy we take pride in our design/build capabilities. We work with independent as well as in house engineers so we can design to almost any application or owners requirements. We also accept installation jobs that are already designed by other companies, however we believe our dedication to the work and our close attention to detail as well as working with our engineers can produce better results. Many engineered jobs look good on the table but sometimes that doesn't always work. When Economy works with our engineers we examine all details so any practical changes that need to be made can be taken care of before there are any additional costs to our customers. A job with no change orders is a job well planned.

Economy works as a team with the owner, contractor and other trades so when we engage in a design/build all levels of the work is communicated with each team member. We have several departments Service, Pipe Fitting, and Controls. This is a great benefit for a smoother running job. Sometimes when there is too many sub contractors on a job communication can suffer. Economy controls division has a specialty for problem systems, finding solutions where others may not. No matter how complex the system there is always a solution that is the most cost effective one. With the new Open Systems technology we now have even more resources available to us than before. To be able to incorporate the security and safety of buildings with the comfort of the system is a great benefit. Now we only need one computer system to run everything.

Automation and Control Specialist