Controls Service

Economy is a service-based company and many buildings have a multitude of different control systems. It is necessary for us to be versed in a vast number of systems.

We started our control division seven years ago. This has given us a broader platform in which to serve our customers. In today's changing economy, it is important for the end-user to have more than one qualified contractor available for system support. If for any reason, a particular contractor becomes unsatisfactory, the customer needs to have the option of calling on another qualified contractor. It would be nice to sell a system to everyone that gives them the freedom they need, however sometimes it is not cost effective to replace a system. So at Economy we have the ability to install, service, and program Honeywell, Circon, and Trane control systems. In addition we can program and service Andover, Carrier, Robert Shaw, Kreuter and Powers control systems. We also provide remote monitoring services on applicable systems.

It is also our belief at Economy to teach our customers the best we can so that they can run their own system. We have trained many building engineers in different control systems and as a result saved these companies substantial cost. A good control systems is one that the end-user is comfortable using and is easy to learn.

Honeywell is a good example of a user-friendly system.