About Us

Our Mission Statement is CARE:

Commitment: Loyalty breeds loyalty, and our unwavering dedication to the sheet metal, mechanical, and air conditioning industries has inspired that same loyalty in our customers.

Adaptability: In the ever changing construction landscape, we develop close relationships with project managers to work out and adapt to change.

Reputation: Economy has earned a reputation for quality work, fair pricing, and customer loyalty - a reputation we're proud to carry.

Experience: We've been serving our industries since 1985, and we're proud of our contributions to it thus far. Let us help you on your next project.

Our History

Economy Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. got its start in 1982. Back then, we were a team of only four people, but since then we have been constantly growing. Today we number more than thirty here at Economy, and we don't plan on stopping any time soon.

  •  1985, Established our sheet metal department.
  •  1990, Established our Mechanical division.
  •  1992, Established our controls division.
  •  1993, Signed on with Honeywell as an ACS contractor.
  •  1999, Signed on with Circon System for their LonMark products, and became a Lon Mark Systems integrator.
  •  2006, We received our electrical license from the State of Colorado.
  •  2007, We expanded our controls to include Tridium/Honeywell Webs AX.
  • 2015 Honeywell WEBS N4

Looking Forward

Economy Air Conditioning & Heating has always been independently owned and will continue to be independently owned. Staying independently owned allows us to maintain oversight over our operations, and thereby serve you better. In the future, we project to grow to as many as fifty employees in total. We feel keeping the company at a reasonable size creates a better work place and a stronger company.

As technology in our field progresses and advances, so will we. We intend to stay at the cutting edge of HVAC technology, keeping up with industry developments as they happen. This is especially true with digital interfaces - being one of the most promising and popular new technologies in the field, these systems will be one of our main areas of focus going forward. In addition, working with Lon Mark systems, and being able to integrate with multiple types of systems, will help us remain on the cutting edge.

A Message From Our CEO Bob Nyberg

We're dedicated to being leaders in our industry. Customers want the best quality they can obtain at the best price. That doesn't mean the cheapest price. All companies are not equal in their ability to provide quality. Our customers realize that they need to have technical expertise, creativity and responsiveness from their contractor. We provide all of that and more. We are very successful because we look after the best interest of our customers.

Bob Nyberg