Building Automation

Building Automation is the key to operating any facility today. It encompasses the entire operation of the equipment, user control interface to energy usage control and savings. Whether we are focused on HVAC temperature comfort for people, critical spaces, critical equipment, manufacturing, or Industrial process we have a solution for your needs.

With over 35 years as a Honeywell controls specialist as well as service on many different systems since pneumatics and DOS we have excelled in the entire integration process. We have tied many legacy systems together to extend costly upgrades. Today’s equipment more and more come with there own built-in controls and these need to be integrated into systems. Card Access, CCTV, to even elevators today are integrated in to the automation system. Integration is more important than ever today.

Economy provides Camera systems as well as card access systems to complete our automation systems. Smart buildings are the wave of the future and required to provide energy savings as well as reduced operational costs.  



What is Internet of Things (IoT) and how can it help your business?

IoT enables your organization to analyze and act on data, allowing you to make smart decisions in real-time. With the timely and relevant insights about your business and customers that come with these new sources of data, there's great potential for industries of all kinds—including manufacturing, transportation, energy, agriculture, retail, and government—to operate more efficiently and provide new value to customers by implementing the right IoT solution.

Whether you are accessing from computer, tablet or smart phone you need control of your asset at your fingertips. Or if you want to rely on another entity to do it for you it is available. This allows you to manage multiple sites efficiently without being physically present on each site or a different software platform at each site.

Niagara Framework Easily Connects Intelligent Systems

Niagara Framework® is a comprehensive software infrastructure that addresses the challenges of creating device-to-enterprise applications. It serves as a central console for connecting real-time operational data to the people and systems that manage workflows in smart buildings, data centers, industrial processes, smart cities and other aspects of business enterprises.